Bad Boys Barbecue would like to present the first traditional BBQ – Smokehouse Restaurant in Cork.
The idea is simple Meat and Potato!
The goal is to serve the best BBQ meats in Ireland using our special marinades, rubs and unique smoking methods. Our in house smoker is the first of it kinds in Ireland.
 At Bad Boys Barbecue we have a very clear and precise mission, to impress our customers by giving them the highest degree of service possible and by providing them with the freshest, finest & good quality food at reasonable prices, in a soothing and comfortable environment.
We want you to have genuine barbecue experience.
We are delighted to present the juiciest full of flavour joints:
- Pulled Pork
- 8oz Beef Burger
- Juicy Ribs
- Smoky BBQ Chicken
- Beef Brisket
- Pork Loin
- Tender Turkey Brest
Please watch our menu boards for daily specials.